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Professionally crafted corporate and promotional videos throughout Ireland


Creating a corporate or promotional video for your business can help you to communicate your key messages and attracts more traffic to your website from your key target market in an engaging way.
Increase Your Visibility Online

Youtube is owned by Google so having your videos posted on the Youtube platform will help give your website a boost in search engine rankings.


Using video to explain complex messages is much easier than using words. A video can easily bring a message to life in a way your audience can relate to and remember.


Video is an exciting and superb method for communicating with visitors to your website or social media platforms. Professionally produced, creative videos are more engaging then reading pages of endless text.

Social Media

If visitors like the videos they see on your website they are more likely to share it on facebook, instagram or twitter and forward it on to friends and colleagues thus driving more traffic to your website and resulting in better overall engagement.


Once you engage with us we will ask for an initial brief and work with you to plan the shoot in as much detail as possible. This benefits both parties as it ensures we are aligned and will help reduce editing time if we have clear and concise information from the get go.


After the planning stage comes the actual shoot. We will create the actual content at this stage whether it be video or photography.


This is where your video is created using special effects, voice overs, music, motion graphics etc. Basically anything that was outlined in the planning stage. This is also where your photos are edited and polished up for publication.


After the agreed revisions we will deliver your content online via a shareable link. Here you can download your high quality video productions or photographs and publish as you see fit.

How much does a video cost?

As with all creative disiplines the cost of video production can vary quite a bit. The phrase “you get what you pay for” can be applied to the video production industry as generally speaking the higher the production value the higher the costs.

As each video project is unique please contact us for a free consultation and to obtain an intial cost estimate.

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What goes into a video budget?

A very simple interview/talking head style video can be filmed and edited in a day or two. You would need a crew member or two, a professional video camera, good lighting, a good microphone and good editing. The budget for this should be resonable and expectations would be €1,400 – 1,800 at most.
If you add extras such as a second camera, teleprompter, nicer lighting, graphics, music/sound effects it may increase the costs but will result in a more impactful video production.
A more complex video with a complex edit may require a team of professionals working for a number of days or weeks so of course the budget would be much higher.
If your budget is on the low end, you’ll need to keep it very simple. Forget about fancy visual effects, and other bells and whistles. Stick to stock footage, a little voiceover narration, stock music, and perhaps a simple shoot.
If your budget is on the higher end, then the sky’s the limit in terms of your options.


There is a huge difference between videos shot on consumer grade cameras and videos shot on  professional cameras with great lenses, lighting and audio. If you want amazing shots that keep audiences engaged, allow extra budget for other specialized equipment like dollies, jibs, cranes, drones, specialized lenses, and so on.  The better the gear, the better the image, and the more impact on your audience. 


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