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 We produce stunning promotional videos and photos to encapsulate audiences, acting as a source of advertising and promotion for businesses throughout Ireland.

Corporate & Promotional Videos

One of the best reasons to engage in professional corporate or promotional video production is that it can be shared on social media which can lead to comments and discussions about your business. This can then lead to more business engagement with potential clients.

Corporate & promotional videos are growing increasingly popular nowadays. Short, engaging videos are an exciting and excellent method of communicating your business or product to a wide audience. Watching and listening to well produced video content is more engaging than reading pages of text and requires much less effort.

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Professional Photography

Professional photography is a great way to gain brand awareness and attract customers to the content on websites, blogs, social media posts, and more. No matter who your customers are or what you are selling, high quality photography is an important asset that will contribute to your overall branding and success. We offer a wide range of photography services from event photography, music gigs, studio & fashion photography shoots to headshot photography, product photography and more.

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Once you engage with us we will ask for an initial brief and work with you to plan the shoot in as much detail as possible. This benefits both parties as it ensures we are aligned and will help reduce editing time if we have clear and concise information from the get go.


After the planning stage comes the actual shoot. We will create the actual content at this stage whether it be video or photography.


This is where your video is created using special effects, voice overs, music, motion graphics etc. Basically anything that was outlined in the planning stage. This is also where your photos are edited and polished up for publication.


After the agreed revisions we will deliver your content online via a shareable link. Here you can download your high quality video productions or photographs and publish as you see fit.

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Video Requirements

See FAQ at the end of the page for more info on these options.
See FAQ at the end of the page for more info on these options.
Please describe in as much detail as possible the estimated video length, the style and the content needed for your production. If you need multiple videos please describe each one.
If you have an idea or concept in mind or want to show us an example of videos you feel may fit the style of your requirements please add the link here.
If you have an idea or concept in mind or want to show us an example of videos you feel may fit the style of your requirements please add the link here.

Photography Requirements

Project Expectations


Video Subtitles

These are typically used in videos for the hard of hearing or more recently on Instagram and Youtube videos so people can watch without the need to use headphones or disturb people with loud audio when out and about.

Text Overlays

These are usually short text displays that overlay certain scenes in your video to help explain an aspect of your video. They can be basic or can be more animated to give a more professional feel.

Music Track

This is usually some background music that is chosen to match the style of video requested. It is fully licenced so there will be no copyright issues.


Your video will require live audio if you are looking for an interview style video for example. Basically its a video that will feature anyone speaking that will need to be mic’d up and recorded.

Video Resolution

Resolutions are basically the quality and orientation of the final video. Typically we aim to produce our videos in high resolution 1920x1080p and landscape orientation. However with social media platforms sometimes we need to switch the orientation to portrait mode or film specifically for this format.