About Us

We are a Dublin based video and photography house specializing in promotional videos and photography. Our focus is to create modern, professional and creative content.

We capture the world in photo & video to expose what we see through the lens to the widest possible audience, the world wide web. We produce stunning promotional videos and photos to encapsulate audiences, acting as a source of advertising and promotion for businesses throughout Ireland.

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Video Services Dublin

Help promote your business or event on social media with a professionally crafted promotional video.



Events, gigs, sports, fashion, products, you name it and we can do it. Delivered online and in high resolution.



We are the experts in short term timelapses and use the best equipment to produce stunning results. We pride ourselves on our expert editing techniques.

How We Work


Once you engage with us we will ask for an initial brief and work with you to plan the shoot in as much detail as possible.


After the planning stage comes the actual shoot. We will create the actual content at this stage whether it be video or photography.


This is where your video is created using special effects, voice overs, music, motion graphics etc. This is also where your photos are edited and polished up for publication.


After the agreed revisions we will deliver your content online via a shareable link. Here you can download your high quality content and publish it as you see fit.